mint Academy

mint Academy stands for the further education and qualification offers of mint digital education GmbH. In close cooperation with our partners, Hueber Verlag, Jobnet.AG and Sprachenakademie Aachen, we conduct intensive, qualifying online training courses with a focus on foreign language teaching, integration into society and working life, and orientation in the digital education world. Our primary course location is the mint Campus, a fully integrated virtual teaching environment of the latest generation.

Six Steps to Online Teaching

This hands-on seminar series is designed for language teachers who would like to improve and further develop their online teaching skills.

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Six Steps – Fit for Phonetics

In the course of this interactive seminar series, German teachers learn a lot about pronunciation training – and how to incorporate it into classes.

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Six Steps – Digital Tools and Apps in Language Teaching

Language teachers who want to navigate the jungle of online tools and use the best tools effectively will benefit from this seminar series.

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Vier gewinnt – Create Your Own EduBreakouts

In this seminar series, teachers find out how to transform their virtual classroom into an Escape Room and convey content in a playful way.

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Improve Your Online Teaching Skills

Language teachers who have already been teaching online for a while and wish to take their virtual skills to the next level should attend this one-day seminar.

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