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Meet your trainers!

Barbierato-Kuppler, Anna

Anna Barbierato-Kuppler

Dr. Anna Barbierato-Kuppler has been working as a language teacher and as a trainer in the field of teacher training at various institutions (Bayrischer Volkshochschulverband, VHS, university) for many years. Her focus is on the didactics and methodology of foreign language teaching. In addition, she is active as a textbook author and consultant in the publishing sector – and as exams manager for Italian at BVV, CELI and telc. Anna Barbierato-Kuppler currently lives in Munich.

Bernstein, Nils

Nils Bernstein

After working as a DAAD language assistant in Chile and DAAD lecturer in Mexico, Dr. Nils Bernstein has been researching and teaching at the University of Hamburg since 2013. In addition to coordinating the competence-oriented testing area and teaching educational language skills to international students, he is particularly dedicated to aesthetic learning and holistic approaches in foreign language didactics.

Fischer, Stefanie I.

Stefanie I. Fischer

Stefanie I. Fischer has been working as a teacher and trainer at several Goethe-Institutes in Germany and abroad for many years. In addition, as a long-standing examiner, she is familiar with all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and works as an online tutor and author. Her main areas of expertise include blended learning, media competence, methodology and didactics in face-to-face and online teaching, as well as intercultural communication.

Georgieva, Ivelina

Ivelina Georgieva

Ivelina Georgieva studied German Studies/German as a Foreign Language and Romance Studies at TU Dresden. In recent years, she has worked as a language instructor at Sprachenakademie Aachen, the University of Mannheim and Goethe-Institut Mannheim, among others.
She currently lives in Santiago de Chile, teaching online for the local Goethe-Institute, where she has successfully conducted several workshops on (online) didactics and methodology.

Godoy, Olga

Olga Godoy

Olga Godoy has been a teacher for Spanish and German as a foreign language for many years and started working online quite a while ago. In addition to her work as a language lecturer for various institutions, she regularly conducts methodological-didactic workshops and training courses in Latin America and online on behalf of Hueber Verlag and participates as a speaker at international congresses focussing on German as a foreign language. She lives in Bogotá.

Köper, Brigitte

Brigitte Köper

Brigitte Köper is an online language instructor and author of textbooks for English. As a certified EUROLTA teacher trainer, she regularly trains native speakers from all around the world to become teachers in adult education. She lives in Nuremberg.

Lechner-El Kehal, Maike

Maike Lechner-El Kehal

Maike Lechner-El Kehal has been working as a lecturer, phonetics coach and certified examiner in the field of German as a foreign language and intercultural training for various target groups for many years. She has extensive experience in classroom and online teaching scenarios. After working as a language trainer in Aachen, Beijing and Cheju and as a DAAD lecturer in Shanghai, she currently works from Berlin – online and offline.

Ralston-Schmid, Anna

Anna Ralston-Schmid

Anna Ralston-Schmid has been working as an ESL and DaF teacher for many years and is a specialist in online and blended learning. As an independent trainer as well as for the Goethe-Institut, she furthermore conducts training courses for teachers at home and abroad as well as online. She lives in San Francisco.

Spiegel, Leonore

Leonore Spiegel

Leonore Spiegel is a speech scientist and has been working in Leipzig as a pronunciation trainer for teachers and learners of German as a foreign and second language since 2013. In addition, she started working at the Studienkolleg Sachsen in the field of university preparation and support in the year 2022. Viewing pronunciation teaching holistically and primarily as physical training is her methodological approach in (online) courses, webinars, and continuing education. Leonore Spiegel also develops pronunciation learning materials for Hueber Verlag.

Wildner, Tobias

Tobias Wildner

Tobias Wildner operates in the fields of adult education and higher education didactics. His focus is on methodology and didactics in the areas of languages, learning and digitality as well as open educational practices. Having worked as a EUROLTA trainer and course author of the seminar series “Souverän digital” (for Bayerischer Volkshochschulverband), he currently works as a VHS programme manager, course instructor for German as a foreign language, teacher trainer and consultant. He is furthermore engaged in the strategy and conception of digital teaching at the Bavarian art colleges. He lives in Nuremberg.