Terms and Conditions

of mint digital education GmbH for educational offers

Please note: The German version of the Terms and Conditions of mint digital education GmbH is the sole legally valid version. Translations and summaries are provided for better understanding, but are not legally binding.

0. General principles: scope of application, subjects of the contract, exclusion and revision

0.1   mint digital education GmbH, Buchkremerstr. 6, 52062 Aachen, Germany (hereinafter referred to as mint) is an educational service provider with several business divisions. These Terms of Condition refer to participation contracts for paid as well as free educational events offered by mint in the mint Academy business division and for which a direct contractual relationship is established between participants and mint. In this respect, they are an integral part of every participation contract.

0.2   mint educational events are continuing education and training courses as well as qualification measures and specialist lectures. They usually take place in the mint Campus, the virtual learning environment of mint digital education GmbH.

0.3   In the following cases, the regulations and terms and conditions of third parties shall take precedence:

  • for events that mint conducts on behalf of or as a subcontractor of third parties (public or private clients),
  • in the case of cost absorption on the basis of governmental, state or municipal support programs (e.g. education vouchers, education checks or similar) as well as scholarship programs,
  • for examinations that mint conducts as a licensee, and
  • for event-related services that cannot be allocated to the education sector and are commissioned from third parties.

0.4   mint digital education GmbH is entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions in part or to redraft them in their entirety with effect for the future, in particular as a result of changes in the law, changes in case law or changes in economic circumstances.
However, these amendments or new versions shall only be valid for participation agreements that have already been concluded in a legally binding manner at the time of modifications and new versions after the written consent of the contracting parties or by means of amendment agreements. In the event of failure to reach an amicable settlement, both parties shall have the right to terminate the participation agreements already concluded.

1. Registration

1.1   Registration for educational events is done personally by those interested in participating, by the legal representatives of legal entities or by contact persons.
Upon request, contact persons must prove their legitimacy by means of a written power of attorney.

1.2   As a rule, registration for mint educational events takes place via an online procedure. Individual events may be preceded by a selection process. An expression of interest or the completion of a registration form for participation in an educational event does not constitute a legal claim to participation.

1.3   The amount of the participation fees and any costs for teaching materials as well as the applicable fee rates can be found in the announcements of the individual educational events and in publications at www.mint-de-academy.com.

1.4   Payment deadlines apply for mint Academy events; due dates can be found in the respective event announcement, invoice forms or registration correspondence. The date of receipt of payment on the specified bank account of mint digital education GmbH is decisive for compliance with the due date.
If payments are received late, there is no legal claim to participation in the requested event. In the event of outstanding payments at the time of the due date, mint has the right to allocate places in educational events to other inquirers.

1.5   Separate reservation agreements with partial payment arrangements may be granted by mint in exceptional cases, but must be made in writing.

1.6   Formal registrations and reservations imply consent to the collection and processing of personal data for internal use by mint.
Further details are governed by the privacy policy of mint digital education GmbH for educational offers.

2. Cancellation, rebooking

2.1   In principle, cancellation or rebooking of mint educational events is possible. This right of cancellation and rebooking applies to all individually bookable events, unless third-party terms and conditions take precedence (cf. 0.3).

In the case of bookings of programs or firmly defined packages that consist of several course modules as standard, there is no entitlement to cancellation of individual modules (or a partial rebooking). Partial refunds are excluded for these formats.

With regard to cancellation and rebooking rights and deadlines, a distinction must be made between the standard procedure (cancellation and rebooking without giving reasons, see 2.2) and the special procedure (see 2.3).

2.2   The cancellation of an event or the rebooking for another event is possible up to 14 days before the start of the originally booked event without giving reasons. The receipt of the cancellation form (cf. 2.5) by mint is decisive for compliance with the deadline.

2.3   In the event of important reasons for which the customers are not responsible, mint may grant an extraordinary cancellation or rebooking option even after the expiration of the regular deadlines pursuant to 2.2.
In this case, there is no legal claim to a partial or full refund of the event fees.

2.4   If certificates were issued within the scope of the registration for submission to the authorities, the original certificates must also be submitted in addition to the respective receipts in the event of a cancellation or rebooking. mint reserves the right, particularly in the event of cancellation, to verify the use of certificates by inquiring with the authorities.

2.5   Cancellations and rebookings must be requested in writing. Customers must use the appropriate online form (or upon request by e-mail to trainings@mint-de.academy). The completed form and all necessary supporting documents must be submitted by the deadline (cf. 2.2). The date of receipt of the above documents by mint is decisive for meeting the deadline.

2.6   mint may charge cancellation and rebooking fees, the respective fee rates published at the time of booking at  www.mint-de-academy.com apply.

2.7   In the event of a proper cancellation in accordance with 2.2 or 2.3, the event fee (less processing fees, if applicable) will be refunded. In goodwill cases, the refund can also be made by a credit note.

2.8   Third-party fees incurred in connection with the booking (see 0.3) will not be reimbursed by mint.

2.9   mint has the right to cancel events up to 14 days before the event start date shown on the registration certificate. If no adequate replacement offer is made, all event and processing fees will be refunded upon request in this case. Any further claims, in particular claims for damages, are excluded.

2.10   Even if trainers are mentioned by name in announcements, participation contracts or registration certificates, there is no right to cancellation in the event of personnel changes with regard to trainers of an educational event.

3. General regulations

3.1   Deviating agreements must be made in writing.

3.2   The German version of the Terms and Conditions of mint digital education GmbH is the sole legally valid version. Translations and summaries are provided for better understanding, but are not legally binding.

3.3   The invalidity or unenforceability of individual provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

3.4   The place of performance and jurisdiction for the contractual partners is Aachen.

3.5   mint digital education GmbH is only liable for damages caused intentionally or by gross negligence. The legal liability for damages to life, body or health remains unaffected.