Six Steps – Digital Tools and Apps in Language Teaching

This Six Steps seminar focuses on the reasonable selection and efficient use of digital tools and apps in language teaching – in online courses and in face-to-face courses.

Start a quick collaborative survey with Mentimeter or design a padlet together with the class? Use AI in the classroom – and if so, how? Rely on the tried and tested or give new trends a chance? Digital tools for language teaching are just like other teaching materials: the choice is huge and there’s a constant development.

But no matter how you turn it: working with online tools has become an indispensable part of language teaching and offers many possibilities for creatively enriching both virtual lessons and classroom formats. And with solid basic know-how, a few tricks of the trade and a little practice with various applications, their regular use quickly becomes a matter of course – and can certainly be fun.

After successfully completing this training, you will be able to decide which tools best suit which language skills and learning objectives, and confidently apply them to design your lessons in a varied and contemporary way.

We follow the Peer2Peer approachPeer2Peer approach:
Learning among equals. All participants are invited to get involved and temporarily take on the role of knowledge givers.
in our Six Steps series.You will be guided in a practical, cooperative and professional manner and enabled to integrate the skills you have acquired into your teaching quickly and efficiently. That is our goal.

The seminar series is aimed at teachers of foreign languages who teach in face-to-face or online courses – not exclusively from the field of German as a foreign language. Our quiz allows you to self-assess your previous methodological-didactic knowledge.

The language of instruction is German. German language skills on level B2 (CEFR) are required. You should also have a basic digital competence: Feel free to use our short questionnaire to assess your level of knowledge.

Technical requirements for participation are stable internet, a PC, laptop or tablet, a camera and a microphone (a headset is recommended).

  • Scope: 22 teaching units (1 TU = 45 minutes) / 8 sessions
    • 1 kick-off session
    • 6 subsequent modules
    • 1 tutorial
  • Table of contents
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Fee: €350.00

All sessions take place online and are designed to be interactive. Regular attendance at the live sessions, active participation as well as the development and presentation of a teaching sequence are prerequisites for successful participation in the seminar series and the receipt of the certificate of completion.

Our trainers have several years of experience and a wide range of competencies – both in the implementation of online language courses and in the qualification of teachers working worldwide to conduct courses in a virtual classroom environment.

11.04.2024 – 25.05.2024